Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Your Writing Worth?

It's probably one of the most difficult things to answer. I've had a few things published through the traditional methods:- sending out examples to editors,"online and others" and I'm used to decorating my room with rejection slips or polite editors who always gave me a word of encouragement. Now and again I had something that was accepted and I was paid accordingly. Short stories gave me enough to buy a meal and a drink with a friend and poetry sometimes did the same thing. Recently I went into the Indie Publishing thing where I was surprised to see the price range for short stories!

Example:- 10,000 words for 99cts :(  You'd have to sell a lot of stories to start making money! Before I get my head bitten off I do know people who make money this way, but I still think that they are underselling themselves! Just do the maths:-

                                                                99cts  for 10000 words! 

Hey, it's not easy to write ten thousand words then get paid peanuts for your efforts.

In the traditional field the lowest you could expect would be 5cts a word. I'll let you do the multiplication :)

Now what am I trying to say? Something very simple never, ever underestimate the work you've slaved over.

                      My short story is FREE today but tomorrow I've upping my price.

It's a choice. Now I'll see if I can make some money using both!

                             Life is full of dreams, even if sometimes they don't come true :)

I'll keep you posted

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