Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Back again,Iknow how boring is this guy going to be today? Well not too much I hope! I wanted to know if any or a lot of you knew about Wordweb? It's something I use everyday and when you see how it works I'm nearly damned sure that you'll all rush to download it. The best thing about Wordweb is that it's absolutely free. Yep! FREE now even the richest amongst us like free stuff "by the way I'm not rich!" so why hesitate? When you are typing out any kind of copy it's always useful to have a dictionary close at hand to check and doublecheck the vocabulary you've used in the document. Heavy paperbacked dictionaries are ok but cumbersome, online ones are better, but for me Wordweb beats them all. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Get it here Not sure if I have anything else to say this morning which I find is the best time for writing anything be it copy or the opening lines of a short story. I might be back later on as I have a few things to attend that have nothing to do with writing. Until then cheers for now.

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