Friday, April 15, 2016

Just a bit of Erotica.

Life is made of dreams and reality. Personally I prefer my dreams, they help to escape from reality. Writing is a way to make your dreams become reality,your reality. Then it's up to your readers to decide if the reality you write about is really real! Still following? I said in a previous post that I was just that little bit crazy, you have to be in order to write. How many people are stuck in their day to day routine,their nine to five jobs surrounded by what can only be described as working boredom. Suffering from multiple reunions,kowtowing to the big and the little bosses in order to stay in, and comply with the rat race. I've lived through that and survived,that was what I talked about in my last post « Going crazy and Surviving! » Today I'm back to what I was meant to do,write!
Yesterday I posted a nice poem, today it's going to be a « cheeky one! » Why cheeky? Well because it's a little bit erotic. I can see you all waiting with baited breath and impatient to read it, or at least some of you are. Writing Erotica is probably one of the higher, if not the highest paying markets for those of you who are looking to make a few dollars from you favourite pastime. I'm evidently talking about writing,not Erotica!
Here's my small contribution to the above. Love it or loathe it, but it's all mine. It came from a dream to become a reality on a virgin white piece of paper.

Summer Night.

soft down
the secret
that led to
liquid bliss,
sweet kisses
that brought
me back to life,
her hands
what my body
had to offer

Keep on writing.

Hope you like the video that goes with this. I know the song is in French but you can't tell me that it's not erotic.

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