Thursday, April 7, 2016

Things that go bump in the night!

As any writer will tell you writing is a solitary affair where we let our imagination run wild or we spend a lot of time checking things out. In my particular case it's my imagination that takes hold, sending me down paths that, as in dreams, I've never followed before. These paths intrigue me so much I just have to write something about them. It can be anything, but more especially the things that seem to be out of control of the normal human sphere. It could be UFO's or reptilian life forms, but my imagination seems to specialize in strange spirit like things.

Just like the figure in the image, I know that somewhere, to quote Mulder "the truth is elsewhere" I just try to make the invisible, visible. I hope that makes sense? We all know of haunted houses and things that go bump in the night that only the bravest of us dare to investigate but what about the inborn fears that affect all of us no matter what our age? The fears that haunted us during our childhood and that in the same circumstances still make us shiver. The fear of being lost in the woods when night falls and imagined wolves would spring out of nowhere hungry for our flesh and thirsty for our blood! You don't believe me, well just go for a walk in the woods and stray from the paths you've always walked until night falls. It won't be long before you start to become ill at ease and wishing you could find your familiar path as the trees take on nearly human forms their branches reaching through the air to enfold and imprison. You'll start breathing quicker than before as panic begins to overcome rational thinking and wanting to get back to what you consider to be the real world.  That's only the start of where just a little bit of imagination can take us, and if I could take you further, would you step into an even darker side of what the human mind is capable of delivering? Just to give you an idea you could always take a look at this. Have a nice day, night wherever you are and whatever you are!

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