Thursday, April 14, 2016

Going Crazy and Surviving!

Quite a few years ago a french workmate said the following to me during a short break:- « Il y a un tel bordel là dedans je voudrais pas y habiter! » Don't worry, here's a rough translation:- « It's such mess inside your head I wouldn't like to live there! » We were talking about the way we think, and how we adpat to different situations in life. As someone who has written lots of different things over the years I'm beginning to think that he might have been right! Why? Well, simply because as a living,walking,talking human sponge I've swallowed and stored an enormous amount of emotional criteria which I've used in my writing. That's ok when you are alone with your thoughts and ready to pull them out to be used in a story or a poem, but when you try to explain the process to someone who has never written a word they start looking at you as if you're just that little bit crazy. Not that it bothers me a lot I'll keep on writing because I understand where I'm going! Just to give you all an idea about what I write I thought I'd post the following poem. Someone, I don't remembe said reading my prose was like falling down stairs! Why not? So be prepared to tumble!

  I know that you are there hiding behind a smile,
 a fleeting look
 a shared word,
 a coffee, growing cold on a pavement café.
 I know that our paths have yet to cross
 the signal yet to turn to green,
 but I know that you are there
 innocent as one can be
 time and tide having drawn lines on our world worn faces.
 In a crowd,
behind an unopened door
 In a dream
 before daylight brings
 remorseful wakening,
 leaving that look
 that said yes to my every desire,
 the hand that touched my soul
 before my aching body.
 Wrapped in quiet solitude
 I contemplate what will never be.

 All the best and keep on writing.

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